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(Prices are in Canadian dollars except where noted)
Map Prices
Format Price
Wineries of the Okanagan
Garibaldi Provincial Park Topographic Map
Hedley, Keremeos & Mascot Mine
Flat (rolled): 18"x24"
Klondike Trail of '98 Int'l Road Relay
Flat (rolled)
Kluane-Chilkat International Bike Relay
Flat (rolled)
Penticton Ironmap & Spectator Guide
Sold Out

Shipping destination Applicable tax
All Canadian provinces and territories No tax
U.S.A. and International No tax

Shipping and Handling
Shipping destination Single Copy Additional Maps
Canada $9 (rolled)
$2 (folded)
+$1 per additional Map
U.S.A. $8 (rolled)
$3 (folded)
+$1 per additional Map
International $8 (rolled)
$4 (folded)
+$1 per additional Map

Payment methods
Type Ordered via
Cheque or money order in Canadian funds Post
Credit Card Paypal
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